4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearl Velvet Brown

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1 0.08 BS11723 
100 5.25 BS11722 
500 22.95 BS11721 

4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearl Velvet Brown
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  • Description
The Velvet Brown SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4mm 5810 Crystal Pearl bead is a new colour from Swarovski launched in Aug/Sep 2017 as part of their fall/winter 2018/19 innovations.

These pearl beads have a crystal core with a pearlized coating which unlike most faux pearls won't fade or chip. A string of 4mm pearls holds 100 beads and measures approximately 40cm (16) in length. The 100 bead option come pre-strung on enough colour co-ordinating high quality thread to create a knotted pearl necklace, or simply add a clasp to make a beautiful necklace. Singles will be placed into a resealable bag and the packing quantity will be sent in the original factory pack from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and is packages as 5 x 100 with each 100 on long strings.

Velvet Brown is a soft medium to deep, warm brown shade with a subtle semi matte effect with makes than shiny without them being glossy. A lovely rich colour perfect for vintage style and Autumnal colour palettes.

Size 4 mm
Colour Velvet Brown