Crimp Bead Antique Gold/Copper *

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Crimp Bead Antique Gold/Copper *
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  • Description
  • Please note this batch of antique crimp beads looks like a mixture of antique gold and a dull coppery colour

  • These Crimp Beads have an internal diameter of 1.1mm. Crimp Beads are used to connect clasps to thin thread such as Beadalon, Softflex and Supplemax (monofilament), or any thread where you cannot tie knots.

    Crimps are also used on spacer necklaces, where they are crushed either side of a bead so it does not move, use with either flat nose pliers or crimping pliers. Crimp Beads have also been known to be used as spacer beads. You can use them just like any other bead; the only difference is that the internal diameter of the crimp will restrict which threads and wire you can thread them on to!

    Hole Size 1.0 mm
    Plating Antique Gold