Glow In The Dark Orange Plastic Pony Beads

Plastic Craft Beads

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  • Description
These plastic pony beads measure 9mm across and 6mm deep with a hole, approximately 4mm in diameter, running through the centre of the bead.

These beads glow in the dark after being exposed to light, and glow especially well under UV lights. These beads are safe to use with children and with a 4mm hole this makes it easy for the little beader to thread on to elastic thread (recommended)

The elastic thread is the more versatile of the threads to use with these beads as you don't have to worry about attaching a clasp. Just tie a know and hide it in a bead. These beas are manufactured in the USA by the Beadery.

Size 9 x 6 mm
Colour Orange
Hole Size Approx. 4 mm