Size 15 Seed Beads Silver Lined Crystal - Hank *

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15g 2.25  2.25 BS10589 
75g 7.50  7.50 BS10590 
500g 42.75  42.75 BS10591 
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Size 15 Seed Beads Silver Lined Crystal - Hank *
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  • Description
Size 15 seed beads are very, very small beads. Made from glass in the Czech Republic, these size seed beads are commonly used in beadweaving to give patterns and designs more detail. These can be used for simple and more complicated bead stringing as well. These beads are really tiny and require a size 15 needle, so patience is required when working with them.

These particular beads are pre-strung on a thin thread.
Each individual strand is approximately 50cm long which is approximately 550 beads.
15g = 1 hank has 12 strands.
75g = 3 hanks - 36 strands.
50g = Approx. 32 hanks - 384 strands.