Size 8 Seed Beads Opaque Mix

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10g 0.75 BS11620 
100g 3.95 BS11621 
500g 14.95 BS11622 

Czech glass seed beads size 8 opaque colour mix
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  • Description
These size 8 PRECIOSA seed beads are produced in the Czech Republic measure approximately 2mm x 3mm with a hole measuring approximately 1mm.

Seed beads are used for both stringing and beadweaving. The smaller the bead used gives you more detail if you are weaving them together, a bit like the number of pixels per inch on a screen.

This is a mix of the opaque colours that we stock. It may change without notice. The original mix has an equal amount of each colour added before mixing but the quantity of each colour will vary in each portion that is measured out!

Colour 7 Mixed Opaque Colours
Size 2 mm x 3 mm
Hole Size Approx. 1 mm