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Trio Challenge – thinking outside the box!

Soft Flex trio beading wire packs

Thinking outside the box, is one of those odd phrases I’m never entirely sure what people mean when they say it. However I do believe I found myself “thinking outside the box” when the brand new SoftFlex Trios arrived. I wanted to do something a little different with them, my initial thought was to do some simple stringing with some of the colourful wires on show, however the small snippet of an image on the front of the trio set led me down a different path.

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Swarovski Ceralun Clay : Top Tips

Swarovski Ceralun example jewellery

Swarovski Ceralun clay is a wonderful media that allows you to make simple jewellery with maximum impact. The clay comes in 2 parts (resin & hardener), when equal amounts of each are mixed together it forms a clay that can then can have Swarovski crystal chatons, diamantes and stones set into the surface.

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