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Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year. If you’re anything like me you’ve already been asked “have you made any resolutions” way too many times. It’s not something I really do myself, I have in the past but inevitably they lead to disappointment in yourself when you’ve not achieved those ridiculously unrealistic challenges you set yourself. Instead, I have made a resolution with myself to not feel guilty for spending time doing the stuff I love and what I love is creating things!

Knotting – a very therapeutic and relaxing technique.

I think it’s really important to set some time aside to do things we love (& not feel guilty for doing it). I love ALL sorts of crafting, whether it’s sewing, knitting or beading. I have signed myself up to a sewing class, that’s 3 dedicated hours a week to sewing, doesn’t sound like much however, that’s a great time to switch off from everything else and do something relaxing and productive.

Getting into a creative craft has been proven to help your mental and physical well being, whether it’s for relaxation or improving your fine motor skills. If you’re an over thinker, a smoker hoping to give up, or someone just looking to be more productive with their time, all forms of craft are great for occupying your mind and hands. It can also help with overcoming social anxieties. There’s a group or coffee morning for most things these days. Including our Bead Group and Craft Club. Classes and workshops are also a great ways to meet new people and start a new project with a helping hand from an experience and friendly tutor.

French Beaded Flowers – far easier than they look to make and OH so pretty!

There’s lots of great information out there for people hoping to get into a new craft or looking for some gentle encouragement to start something new and if you don’t know where to start why not try a basic kit.

Happy beading and thanks for reading,

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