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14 Mar

As someone who loves a bit of sewing as well as jewellery making, I was quite excited about our new range of Ribbons. It can be very quick and easy to make items with ribbon; check out these bow hair clips I made. I created a bow and simply stitched them onto the hair clip with a contrasting button – it really is as easy as that!
Bow clips

Click to find:
Hair Clips  http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/snap-hair-clip-rhodium-plated.html
Ribbon  http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/ribbon/
Buttons http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/buttons/
Sewing thread http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/sew-all-thread/

If you’d like to know how to make bows, we have made a YouTube video showing you a couple of different methods:

I often use ribbon to finish off necklaces; as well as a bow making a fun alternative to a clasp, it allows you to adjust the length of your necklace dramatically. This lovely spring-like necklace made with Swarovski pearls and finished with Cream ribbon is a great example – wonderfully versatile and simple to create. Depending on the neckline of your top, you can wear it really short with a large bow at the back or lovely and long with a small bow, or even somewhere in-between. If you’re not sure how to use ribbon ends, we also have a video to help you with that! Just follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjupvyYR_Yc

Spring Swarovski Pearl Necklace

Click to find:
Swarovski Pearl Beads  http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/5810-pearls
Ribbon http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/ribbon/
Ribbon ends http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/silver-plated-finishings/
Silver Plated Findings http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/silver-plated/

If you’re more into sewing than jewellery making, then creating a ribbon rosette could be right up your street – simple to make and can easily be turned into a brooch, hair bobble or decoration.
Ribbon Rosettes

Click to find:
Ribbon http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/ribbon/
Plastic Buttons http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/plastic-buttons/
Swarovski Pointed Button http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/3015-round-pointed-buttons/
Silver Plated Brooch Backs http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/miscellaneous-findings/
Sew All thread http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/sewing-thread/

Another new and exciting product is our range of scalloped faux suede ribbon. The holes punched into the edging make them a great item to get creative with! I’ve experimented with weaving through the holes and adding sew-on stones. It’s quite a fun and different material to work with.
Scalloped Suede bracelet

Click to find:
Suede ribbon http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/suede/
Ribbon Ends http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/silver-plated-finishings/
Embroidery Thread http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/embroidery-thread/
Gutermann Sew All Thread http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/sew-on-glass-crystal-beads-rose-montees-/

The possibilities for ribbon uses are endless! We’ve really enjoyed pinning various ideas and inspiration to our pinterest board, which you can check out here.


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