How I Started Bead Weaving

20 Apr

My Venture into Bead Weaving Before I started working at The Bead Shop, I didn’t have a clue what “bead weaving” was! Emma had mentioned it to me when I had my interview here, and I thought she meant beading on a loom! Oh how wrong I was. After I had my interview, I scoured the internet and was amazed by all the incredible pieces people were making with just some beads and thread. All the pieces I’d seen whilst browsing bead weaving seemed far too complicated for me and it wasn’t until I was flicking through an issue of Bead & Jewellery magazine back in February 2014 that I was inspired! There were instructions for making a cute bunting necklace, using decreasing brick stitch. I love bunting so had to know how to make this necklace! materials I sat down with a needle, some Nymo thread and a few Miyuki delica beads. With the magazine open in front of me, I started to make my first triangle. Looking back, this triangle was awful, but I was still proud of my accomplishment! I found it so much easier to follow the images than the written text (and later found that video is even easier!) and was soon absorbed in the repetitive actions of weaving the beads together. bunting necklace Since these humble beginnings, I have fully embraced bead weaving with open arms and my technique has certainly improved. I’m still favouring brick stitch, although I have recently tried square stitch too. I can’t seem to get my head around Peyote but I’ll keep trying. I’m even creating my own patterns now, which is incredibly satisfying, and teaching people via YouTube how to make brick stitch charms!


Hannah sells her bead woven items in her Etsy shop,
The Corner of Craft


Do you have a favourite bead weaving technique? I’d love to see some of the pieces you’ve made! Feel free to share them with us on Facebook (, Twitter (@mailorder_beads or Instagram (@mailorder_beads )! (You can use #TheBeadShopNottingham or #MailorderBeads so we can see them) Hannah x Buy Bead & Jewellery magazine here: Browse our range of Nymo colours here: We also have lots of colours of delica beads: We have different sizes of beading needles, even some suitable for tiny size 15 beads! But these are still my favourite needles to use with size 11 beads:

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