April’s venture into bead weaving

22 Aug



My name is April, I have officially been a member of the Bead shop team for almost 3 whole months! Being relatively new to the world of beads and jewellery design it was quite exciting when I attended the basic jewellery making workshop in my first week here. I won’t go into too much detail but I now understand how jewellery works and how simple it can be to make something so beautiful and not have to pay the ridiculous prices in chain shops.

Half Tila Herringbone bracelet - workshop at The Bead Shop (Nottingham) ltd
As the beading bug develops (dangerous territory) I attended my second workshop hosted by the lovely Steph another member of the bead shop team. The workshop was using Miyuki half Tila beads to create a herringbone bracelet, this was my first step into bead weaving land: a land of tiny beads, even smaller needle holes and muttering to one’s self.

April's Herringbone bracelet - picking beads - workshop at The Bead Shop

First things first – choosing beads, who’d have thought selecting a couple of colours would be that tricky, however I had a plan in mind and chose beads to match a summer dress I’d be wearing to a wedding the following week (a white dress with yellow and green flower pattern). Anyway, the beginning of the bracelet proved a little difficult as at first it didn’t look much like the diagram. However after completing a few rows I began to get into a rhythm: though I was still the slowest in the workshop I felt comfortable. I must have been zoning out and became stuck with a small problem, but by reading the helpful handout a few times and staring at it until it jumped out at me I was able to resolve my issue (woohoo).

April's Herringbone bracelet in progress - workshop at The Bead Shop
I finally finished my bracelet only going over the time by ten minutes. Beforehand, I wondered why you needed three hours to create one bracelet and now I understand why. The concentration, the tininess of everything and tricky situations you will get into, for example adding more thread as mine was not long enough. However making mistakes in the work shop is the best place to do them, Steph is there with her magic hands to help you understand what has happened and how to resolve it.

April's finished Herringbone bracelet - workshop at The Bead Shop

Coming out of the session my mind felt a little cramped from concentrating so hard but I also felt accomplished as I had managed to create a Half Tila Herringbone Bracelet with my own two hands (and sometimes mouth). I’ve already got my hands on more beads so I can make more in different colours.

Next I have my eye on the introduction to wirework workshop (the bug has bitten). The more I do, learn and create will help me in providing customers the correct information and assistance as well as (hopefully) inspire them to try new things. Plus it’s fun and creative!

Happy Beading and thanks for reading.

You can see the full range of workshop we have on offer at The Bead Shop here
http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/workshops/  we also offer 1-2-1 tuition and private parities or workshops for groups of friends, hens, kids, colleagues… Feel free to emails us with any queries info@mailorder-beads.co.uk

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