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22 Sep

Ever wondered what it would be like to do work experience at The Bead Shop, well we asked just that of our latest work experience student….
Lovely Jess
This is lovely Jess, who joined us from Bulwell academy for a week at the beginning of September, she’s just starting year 10 and loves her creative subjects.

1. What did you get up to on your week of work experience at the bead shop?

Each day I did something different so I was able to gain new experiences and experiment with different skills. I enjoyed being part of the team as everyone was very nice, helpful and friendly.

2. Have you learnt anything about the life of an independent business?

Working here has given me an insight into how a business works, the different roles it requires and the importance of communication. Everything I was asked to do was told to me very clearly which meant I carried out the jobs as efficiently as I could and to the best of my ability. Having this clear communication made feel comfortable to carry out the tasks given and being able to ask for help when needed. Which also meant I help more confident talking to customers.

3. Tell us one of your favourite moments?

I enjoyed being involved in the workshop on the thursday (3rd september) double st petersburg stitch chevron bracelet: this was my first ever bead weaving session. It took me a while to learn the pattern (but that’s natural – I’m new!) but once I understood how to do it I found it quite easy and very fun. I was able to understand how to create this bracelet because of Steph and her clear instructions: plus her patients. This workshop allowed me to gain a new skill which I will definitely carry on in my spare time at home (I have already purchased more seeds beads to make another one!)

Jess' beading

On my first day I made a pair of earrings, its looks extremely complicated however with the right guidance and understanding it was actually a lot easier than I anticipated. I am happy to say that I have an even bigger interest in this type of industry and I am now more enthusiastic as well (if thats possible.)

4. What else did you get up to?

As well as making jewellery, I also found it fun and interesting to weigh out the different types of products/beads, creating replenishing stock for the shop and sorting through the new stock. The day seems to fly by extremely quickly and before you know it its home time (where I can make more jewellery)!

5. Any last thoughts?

I really recommend that anyone looking for work experience should consider coming to The Bead Shop because you will get a lot out of it and really enjoy yourself like I did. Working here has also given me confidence and experience for when I get a job in the future which will help me out a lot.

But its not over! On my last day the Bead Shop team surprised me with a gift card, tool set and a gorgeous bracelet: made by Lauren. These wonderful items were a thank you for my time. But that wasn’t all, as I was offered a Saturday position, YAY and I said yes with our any hesitation – I was so excited I said yes to starting the very next day, I didn’t want to wait a week!

I am now part of The Bead Shop team so pop in and say hello.

Thanks for reading , from Jess and The Bead Shop team!

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