How To: Create Your Own High Street Style Jewellery.

6 Nov


Layering Necklaces.

Hi there! I’m Amber, and for my #AnythingCanHappenFriday project I am going to be talking you through how to make and design your own high street style jewellery. I got inspiration for this project as I noticed lot of high street brands such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Accessorize have been displaying ”layering jewellery” recently. Including delicate layering necklaces that are usually made up of thin chain and charms. They’re very on trend at the moment and have quite a bohemian vibe to them. I was inspired by the variety they provide therefore I decided to create three of my own simple necklaces that you can wear together and layer or even style separately if you choose to- so easy and so versatile! They retail at around £9-£20 depending on the store; however with a touch of creativity and a selection of the right products you can create and design your own for a fraction of the price!

I made the longest necklace the most detailed as it is my statement necklace of the piece. To recreate it follow the following instructions.

You will need.
1 x 24 inch Silver Plated Curb Chain (£1.15)
1 x Silver Plated Eye-Pin
2 x 4mm Silver Plated Jump Rings (2p each)
1 x Small Silver Hamsa Hand Charm (18p)
8 x 4mm Xilions.

1) Thread 8x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Xilions onto your eye-pin in a colour combination of your choice. To keep with my bohemian theme and to match with the Hamsa hand charm, I chose Aztec style colours such as blues, greens and golden shades. I used Blue Zircon, Pacific Opal, Topaz, Capri Blue, Metallic Sunshine AB 2x, Light Turquoise and Montana AB 2x – mixing the more sparkly beads and the more opaque/clouded colours for variety. Once I had threaded the beads onto the eye-pin I created a wrapped loop on the open end using round nose pliers. This then creates a bar. 2) On the end of the bar with the wrapped loop, I opened and attached the first 4mm jump ring, using round nose pliers to grip the jump ring and chain nose pliers to open it. Before closing the jump ring I attached the Hamsa hand charm. 3) I then opened the second jump ring and attached it to the opposite end of the bar to the free loop, before closing the jump ring I threaded the chain through, and then closed the jump ring in place.


The second necklace is the most central piece, nor the longest or shortest in length. I still wanted it to stand out, but not to overpower the longest statement necklace, so I used a slightly bigger charm, but less Xilions.

You will need:
1 x 18 inch Silver Plated Curb Chain (95p)
4 x 4mm Silver Plated Jump Rings (2p each)
1 x 5mm Antique Silver Jump Ring (3p)
4 x Silver Plated Headpins (6p each)
1 x Coin Charm Antique Silver (60p)
4 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Xilions (10p-12p each)

For this design I chose the Coin Charm as I found the rugged, vintage effect of it was in keeping with my bohemian theme. I also chose to use 4 Xilions, two on either side of the charm to create a mini cluster effect, adding a difference dimension in shape as opposed to the bar on the first necklace.

1) Using round nose and chain nose pliers, open the 5mm Antique Silver Jump Ring and attach the Coin Charm. Before closing, insert onto the chain in a central position, close the jump ring to secure in place. 2) choose your 4 Xilions, I chose a random selection of colours from the first necklace (Blue Zircon, Topaz, Capri Blue, Pacific Opal). Thread one Xilion onto one headpin. Using round nose pliers create a loop directly above the Xilion. If you come out with a bit of a gap between the loop and the bead, you can turn it into a wrapped loop by wrapping the excess wire around the remaining exposed bit of headpin. 3) Repeat the same process with the other four Xilions, until you are left with four xilions with loops. 4) Finally – attach each Xilion to a 4mm Jump Ring, again using your pliers, and before closing the jump ring attach to the chain, two Xilions on either side of the charm.

The third necklace is the shortest and closest to the neck, therefore I am making it the most simplistic. I chose a small silver Sugar Skull charm and attached two small Xilions for a tad extra detail and colour.

You Will Need:
1 x 16 inch Silver Plated Curb Chain (95p)
1 x 5mm Silver Plated Jump Ring 2 x 4mm Silver Plated Jump Rings.
2 x Silver Plated Headpins. 2 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal Xilions.

1) Follow the exact same instructions as previously, only with less Xilions. Simple! There you have your three stylish layering necklaces.

Why not create stacking bracelets and earrings to match!

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