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14 Apr

We have the very talented bobbin lace artist, Suzanne Plamping, joining us to teach two workshops at the end of April. I love it when two crafts combine and complement each other so well and I’m always intrigued to find out how people get involved with certain crafts so I thought I’d find;


Suzanne Plamping - SP Creative Crafts
 How did it all begin and what appeals to you about the craft. My interest in Bobbin Lace making all started on my seventh Birthday, not by me starting to make lace but by my mother going to a talk at the local WI about lace making. It wasn’t long before she started to make bobbin lace, and I was asking to have a go.

I continue to develop my skills with Nottingham Young Lace Makers and Calverton Young Lace Makers. It was the link between growing up in Calverton; Nottinghamshire that developed my interest in the history of the lace making and the changes that occur with the stocking frame and then with lever machine lace.
William lee banner 1989
In 1989; Calverton celebrated the 400th anniversary of the invention of the stocking frame by the Rev William Lee, the mechanical knitting machine used in the textiles industry. As part of the celebrations the Calverton Young Lace makers designed and made a banner to commemorate the 400th anniversary; this banner was entered into the group section of the English Lace School John Bull Lace Trophy and won the Poole Trophy. This was great achievement as this competition is open to members of the lace guild members around the world.


william lee group photo 001


I have been making lace on and off since I was seven, but always seem to come back to this amazing craft. It has so many variations in the traditional lace styles from around Britain and the world. The basic stitches are simple and the designs are so varied. I have always enjoyed trying different threads and materials to create unique items.
lace bio


I find lace making challenging and yet relaxing; I always enjoy breaking down designs, and coming up with my own; this includes an alphabet quilt which I designed when I was 12 for the William Lee Lace Competition in 1989. I took these designs and used them to raise money for local day centre.

Nowadays I like to challenge myself to make lace for use in everyday life, so it’s not just something for special occasions. I also like to mix old techniques or patterns with new or unusual threads for lace making.


A sample of Suzanne's wide range of techniques and innovative designs.

A sample of Suzanne’s wide range of techniques and innovative designs.


What do you like about teaching others how to create bobbin lace? I love passing on the knowledge and skills to others, and seeing that after a little while there are making lace, and that it’s the combination of two stitches, twists and pins that makes all these fabulous styles of lace from around the world.   I enjoy teaching other people and inspiring them to develop there skills and enjoyment of lace and to hopefully they will go on to develop their own style. I also feel it’s a great way keep a traditional skill alive. Once people have mastered the basic two stitches, and ground work, then it’s easy to further your skill by the introduction of diamonds and fans and take things to the next level.
Bobbin lace workshops at The bead Shop Nottingham Ltd
Suzanne is teaching two workshops here at The bead Shop on Saturday 30th April, so if you fancy learning a new technique and creating some pretty jewellery why not join us. Click the link blew to be taken to the workshop page, for booking information and further images.
10am – 1pm Bobbin lace Bracelet
2pm – 5pm Bobbin lace Brooch

To find out more about Suzanne’s works you can find her on facebook here

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