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Bead Group Czech Glass Challenge

As soon as I saw the new Preciosa shaped bead mixes I knew I’d have fun playing with all the different beads. I felt fairly sure several members of bead group would also like to have a play!

Bead MixesThese 20g packs are great value and include lots of Preciosa’s latest bead shapes including 2 hole Chilli beads, as well as Villas, pellets, pips, thorns, ripples and twins. A few of our bead group happily took on challenge of making some pieces with a pack of their choice and this is how they got on…

Nicky Baker
Nicky has been a member of our bead group for almost 10 years after she was drawn, like a magpie into our shop of lovely shiny beads. Having been jewellery making on and off for 25 years Nicky and recently getting more seriously into beading I thought Nicky would enjoy their challenge;

“I was drawn in by the wonderful cobalt blue – such a fabulous vivid shade, and I had fancied a go with the Chilli and Thorn beads.  There was a nice variety of shapes which kept things interesting.”
Nicky's necklace
Nicky Created a simple elegant necklace with utilising simple shapes and adding an inventive ripple bead button as a clasp.

“I found it difficult to be creative to a timetable, and was challenged by working with new shapes and initially not being able to find ways to get them to form the shapes I envisaged.”
I love the layered flower pendant, although I do know Nicky found it little tricky to get the initial shape to sit right, however it turned out brilliantly when Nicky stitched two separate flowers together.

I love the layered flower pendant, although I do know Nicky found it little tricky to get the initial shape to sit right, however it turned out brilliantly when Nicky stitched two separate flowers together.

“ I wanted to make something 3D using the spiky and elongated pyramid shapes, and really liked the challenge of creating something that held its shape.  It was also an interesting challenge to limit myself to the bead pack plus one other colour.”

Nicky used a selection of the different shaped from her blue pack and added used size 11 galvanised silver seed beads and 1 large faceted bead for the centre of the spiky pendant.

JoJo B
Jo has also been a member of our bead group (on & off) for almost 10 years, and has been a keen jewellery maker for 16 years. Jo chose the pastel coloured pack of beads as she really liked the soft yet bold colours.

jo pendants
These sweet flowers would make lovely pendants or funky mis-matched earrings.

“Some of the shapes initially looked quite challenging however they made great flowers, which is something I’ve not done before – I really enjoyed challenging myself.”

Jo necklaces
Jo is an avid polymer clay creator, and used the beads from the pack to compliment some of her own polymer clay designs. Picking out a few striking colours to blend it has tied everything together really well and they look stunning! Jo added her own polymer clay beads and pendants as well as a selection of seed beads.

You can read about Jo’s polymer clay adventures over on her blog FloRaeMe.

Jeanette Simpson
Jeanette has been a member of our Bead group for 3 years, she joined us after spotting the shop and picking up a leaflet inside and just got started. Jeanette is a real sponge when it comes to beading, she soaks up everything and isn’t afraid of just giving patterns ago. Jeanette went for the purple mix of beads as it’s one of her favourite colours.

jeanettes pendantJeanette made two very striking pendants; combining several of the different bead shaped together to create a star and used the chilli beads to made a sun burst.

“I found the challenge both easy and difficult, I loved all the different shapes, but I had to learn how to free style the design which was a challenge, but one I enjoyed!”

Jeanette added some seed beads and some extra Superduos in to her designs.

Steph Gibbs - The Bead Shop Nottingham Ltd
I took over the running of bead group many years ago from Chloe Menage who set it up 10 years ago. I have been beading and jewellery making for almost as long as I can remember and I have been working at The Bead Shop and running workshops for nearly 11 years.

I was immediately drawn to the Multicoloured bead mix as it had lots of great bright colours as well as some more interesting effects.  I set myself an additional challenge of using ALL the beads from one pack in one design. This kind of thing is right up my street, however it still required a bit of fiddling and undoing at times.

Steph's necklace - lrg

I started by making several flowers and then designed to join them all together into a bead embroidered piece which enabled me to use all the spare extra beads around the edges. I managed to use all the beads from my pack and just added some size 8 and 11 galvanised seed beads so i wasn’t adding any more colour.

I wasn’t sure the finish piece would look coherent particularly with all the different colours together, however I rather pleased with the finished result.

Would you like to challenge yourself too? We are giving away 6 packs of bead mixes to our lovely blog readers. To enter the giveaway just like this blog post and comment below letting us know which your favourite colour is and what you’d like to do with them, we’ll select 6 lucky winners who’ll win a pack of their favourite colour. Get your entries in by midnight 17th August and well draw the winner the following day!
You can see the full range of colours and their names here.

Feel free to join our Bead Group, we meet every Monday evening (5pm – 7pm). It’s an informal gathering of like minded people who have a natter, cup of tea and a biscuit while working our our latest projects. More information can be found on our website here.

Thanks for reading.

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