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Grads4Nottm is an annual scheme organised by Nottingham Trent University that offers a portfolio of 2 week challenges set by companies based in Nottingham.

Students can apply for the challenges that sounds most interesting to you, from design to social media, animation to sales. The beauty of this scheme is that the challenge doesn’t have to be directly related to your degree subject allowing you to develop knowledge in a new areas and utilise your transferable skills. The programme leaders match people with different or similar backgrounds depending on the organisation, which allows students to combine their skills and knowledge in order to tackle the challenge. The business identity is only revealed on the day the placement starts.

This experience provides students with an insight into what working for a company big or small might entail. A challenge that fresh graduates often face is that they lack industry experience, where this programme provides an opportunity to tackle a short project in a professional setting.

The Bead Shop Grads4Nottm Challenge Teams
The Bead Shop’s Grads4Nottm Challenge Teams

The challenges set by The Bead Shop involved the development of their social media strategy and to redesign the workshop room. 

The social media challenge involved investigating our existing social media platforms, using analytics and surveys to give an insight into the current and potential customer demographics. The research into platforms and social media techniques helped develop a plan for future events and highlighted the advantages of each platform and which is most appropriate for which purposes. 

Interior visualisations for the workshop room
Interior visualisations for the workshop room

The interior design challenge involved creating a space that is efficient, clean and multi functional. Using CAD programmes they created visualisations of their plans. This also involved research into suppliers for furniture and costings within a set budget.   

This work experience has helped each of us developed our professional skill-set and allowed us to gain an insight into the function of small businesses. We would all definitely recommend this scheme for students seeking to get some varied experience and gain new skills, perhaps before they embark on a career after their student life.

(4th Year BA (H) Business Management and marketing) assigned to the Social media strategy project.


The Bead Shop Comments

This is a fantastic scheme from both the students side and as a small business. I just wish the scheme had been around when I graduated from Nottingham Trent university 14 years ago. The staff at NTU are clearly very passionate about this project and it’s been fantastic to have the opportunity to get involved. We would recommend any businesses to get involved in this scheme.

The students were really enthusiastic, worked really well together and brilliantly motivated. They took feedback on board and adapted to our suggestions. We have already started implementing plans from both projects, only 1 week on from the projects finishing. We’re already seeing increased social media engagement, and have meetings in place to source funding so we can put into action the plans for the workshop room redesign.

We look forward to showing you updates in the near future.

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