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The Bead Shop – An Introduction

Hello! My name is Alex. Since I’m the newest member of The Bead Shop and I’ve always been interested and supportive of independent businesses, I wanted to start the new and updated blog with a post about the history of the bead shop and how I ended up working here.

I’ve been a member of the bead shop team for five months now and I love working here.  Since graduating from my degree in jewellery and metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University in 2015, I was eager to find a creative job in my home town of Nottingham.  I now work for the bead shop as a shop assistant, surrounded by jewellery makers and getting to be creative every day. My newest responsibilities are instagraming and blogging for the business which is great as I get to share loads of sparkly new things with everyone.

The Bead Shop - Interior
When I had my interview with Hana and Robin they told me how the two of them started the bead shop sixteen years ago in a small unit in West End Arcade and how it became very popular, very fast, (it was called The Bead Shop at the end of the Universe at the time, inspired by it’s tucked away location & the Hitchhikers guide to The Galaxy). The creative’s of Nottingham liked the shop so much that customers would queue outside on a Saturday because the shop didn’t have enough room to fit them all in.

The Bead Shop at the end of the universe
Hana and Robin knew that they had to move somewhere bigger to deal with the high demand that they were experiencing. This led them to moving to Parliament Street, with a bigger space and more staff allowing the business to grow. Which led to the development of the workshops and mail order department that the bead shop is now famous for, but it wasn’t long before they out grew these premises too.

5 years on from their first expansion The Bead Shop took over all 5 floors of number 7 Market Street in the city centre of Nottingham, a stone’s throw away from the famous market square. The shop has been based here since June 2006, providing Nottingham’s creative folk with two floors full of beads, tools and all sorts of jewellery making supplies.

The Bead Shop Nottingham outside on market street
Having been a customer of the shop even before I started my degree I knew there was lots on offer here as I bought various items to complete the resin jewellery I made at college, but I had no idea just how big the world of bead weaving is. There’s so many intriguing patterns and techniques available it’s now easy to see why so many people love beading.

Staff Bio

Alex cat photo
Name : Alexandra
Position at The Beads Shop : shop assistant, blogger and Instagramer.
Favourite Swarovski colour : fire opal.
Jewellery I like to make :  being a qualified silversmith my passion is working with silver. But since starting working and at The Bead Shop I have found a new love for semi precious stones and beads, which I now try to incorporate into my own work as much as possible.
Pets : 3 cats – Kitty, Bella & Ron.
How I take my tea : decaf, no sugar, show it the milk.

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