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The Evolution of a Design

Hello it’s Steph here. I teach a lot of the workshops at The Bead Shop and design quite a few of the kits too. I regularly get asked how do I come up with my designs so I thought I’d share a little insight as to how our latest design got developed into a kit, which originally started life as a workshop.

There are several reasons why I might design a particular project either for a workshop or kit. Some are born from customer requests and suggestion and others are to demonstrate new equipment or ranges. The latter reason is how the Candy bead Rosette workshop started life. Preciosa, the leading manufacturer of Czech glass beads, launched the CandyTM bead, an 8mm round two hole bead, flat on the back with a domed front resembling a cabochon (or Smartie), early in 2016 and I couldn’t wait to get playing with them.

Candy Beads

I had already been thinking that their round shape would lend themselves to a simple flower design, which is where I started. The design came together as I imagined, after a little beading back and forth to get the centre looking neat and the tension right. With its striking star shape in the centre and beads around the edge I felt it resembled a rosette more than a flower and so it was named the ‘Candy Bead Rosette’ workshop, which I intended to be a brooch.

Candy bead rosette - workshop - the bead shop nottingham ltd
In the first 3 hour workshop several lovely brooches were created, I love how different they all look just by the use of different colours.


In this workshop I experimented with my rosette and added an extra row of embellishment giving the rosette a spiky edge.  You can see my dark green one on the top right.

Once I’d got this far, I thought I’d develop it further and create a statement necklace, so over the next few Monday night Bead Group sessions I made 4 more smaller rosettes and linked them all together to create this necklace.


I wore the finished necklace to The Big Bead Show in Oct 2016 and so many people asked if we had a pattern for it that I knew exactly what I’d be doing next!!!

As I started creating the pattern for the necklace I also redesigned it a little as I wasn’t happy with the connections between the smaller rosettes, so with a little adaption the new Candy Bead Rosette Necklace Kit & Pattern were finished.

Candy Bead Rosette Necklace Kit Instructions

They were literally just launched on the website this weekend which some of you may have seen in our newsletter. You can find the kit here which is available in purple and silver, and we have made the pattern available as either a printed version or as an emailed PDF. So if you fancy putting your own colour palette together you can quite easily, the full list of materials needed is also listed on the pattern page of the website here.

If you think a Candy bead rosette is a little beyond your beading skills at the moment, why not try one of PRECIOSA’s simple Candy bead bracelet projects as a great starting point.

To view our full range of Candy beads you can visit the website here.

We love seeing your finished versions of our kits and patterns, so do feel free to share them on facebook or Instragram with #thebeadshopnottingham.

The Candy Bead Rosette Necklace is an original design by Steph Gibbs for The Bead Shop (Nottingham) Ltd. Copyright by The Bead Shop (Nottingham) Ltd. You can make and reproduce this design for your personal use but the pattern and design cannot be reproduced for resale.

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