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Delicas, Bugles and Seed Beads

Miyuki Delica beads, Tila beads, half tila beads and quarter tilas are manufactured in Japan by Miyuki Beads. Delicas are used in jewellery making where precision detailing is needed.  Consistent in size and colour, they are ideal for bead weaving, either on a loom or for off loom weaving. The Tila beads, regardless of size, are flat two hole glass beads.

We stock glass seed beads and glass bugle beads manufactured in the Czech Republic by Preciosa. Seed beads differ from Delicas as they are more rounded whereas the Delicas are cylinders. Seed beads and bugles are available in a huge range of sizes, colours and finishes. They are ideal for all sorts of beading including weaving, stringing & wire work.

They are sold by weight and are excellent value for money. Delicas, tilas and seed beads are often used together in the more elaborate beadweaving patterns.

Please be aware that larger the size number = the smaller the bead size and this is case in both seed and delicas.

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