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Christmas Crafting

With the holiday season creeping up on us I’ve been getting crafty with our Christmas charms. We regularly make our Christmas charms into earrings for customers who want something to jazz up their outfit for their Christmas parties and they are always popular. But I wanted to use the charms to make something a little different.

I decided to play with some memory wire and make some wine glass charms. Wine glass charms are a great addition to any dinner party over Christmas and stops all the squabbling over whose glass is whose.

Round ring memory wire
4mm silver plated jump rings
4mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5328 xilion crystal beads (range of colours)
– A range of festive charms
Bent chainnose pliers
Chainnose pliers
Memory wire cutters
Memory wire looping pliers
How to make
1. Attach the 4mm jump ring onto the charm; grip hold of the side of the jump ring with your chain nose pliers and use your bent nose pliers to twist open the jump ring. Put the jump ring through the charm and twist the opposite way to close the jump ring.
2. Cutting the memory wire; Use memory wire cutters to cut 1 and a half rings of wire. (TIP: do not use standard jewellery making cutters as the wire will dent the blades – memory wire is made of steel which is why it requires specialist cutters).
3. Create a loop at one end of memory wire; Roll the end of the wire back on itself using memory wire looping pliers making a small loop, make sure the smaller jaw is on the outside curve of the memory wire and that you are gripping the very end of the wire, it’s strong wire so you will require a firm grip.

4. Assemble the wine glass charm; thread two xilion beads on to the memory wire, followed by the jump ring with the charm and another two xilion beads.
5. To finish the wine charm; make another loop at the other end of the ring in the same way as step 3 to keep the beads secure on the  wire and you are finished!

These make great fun stocking filler Christmas gifts, they would also be a fun activity to do with friends as a festive craftanoon. There’s lot of variations you could try too – why not make some personalised ones with shrink plastic and draw or print festive designs with names on.

Thanks for reading,
Alex 🙂

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