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Trio Challenge – thinking outside the box!

Thinking outside the box, is one of those odd phrases I’m never entirely sure what people mean when they say it. However I do believe I found myself “thinking outside the box” when the brand new SoftFlex Trios arrived. I wanted to do something a little different with them, my initial thought was to do some simple stringing with some of the colourful wires on show, however the small snippet of an image on the front of the trio set led me down a different path.

This path involved no beads *sharp intake of breath* and just some simple knotting using only the wire. When beads are involved I just let my imagination run wild, but when it comes to something a little different I often consult a book,  The Chinese, Celtic and Ornamental Knots book by Suzen Millodot, in this instance. I took inspiration from a Josephine knot and used all three strands of the  Soft Flex Trio wire together.

Chinese celtic and ornamental knots book

I decided the shape of these knots really lent themselves to earrings, but did come across one small challenge, and that was how to make them match, with the knots even on both earrings. One cup of tea later and a minor brain wave (the magical power of tea)… a Macramé board. Not just for Macramé after all, the grid lines and pins really helped with the sizing of these slightly fiddly knots. I pinning them next to each other on the lines so I could tweak them until they matched up nicely.

Macrame board for knotting - the bead shop
I used a size 4 crimp tube, and just took 1 single strand of wire back down the crimp tube to create a hanging loop before squeezing it firmly in place and cutting off all the excess wire, carefully, with flush cutters.

SoftFlex Trio knotted Earrings - The Bead Shop Nottingham

I also decided to use Sterling silver lever back ear wires, when I wear lightweight earrings I always worry that I’ll lose an earring and not notice, it’s not such a problem when your earrings are very dangly or have a bit of weight, but these are lovely and light, so a lever back wire will ensure they’re not going to disappear never to be seen again.

Thanks for reading!

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