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Paw Print Peyote Pattern

This paw print peyote pattern was originally designed to help raise funds for the cats protection when we hosted a Pawsome Tea party. If you’ve enjoyed the pattern please feel free to make a donation online here And for mare information Thank you! Tools and Materials Miyuki Delica beads in DB004 Purple Iris Miyuki … Read more

Kheops Bead Jewellery

Here’s another free beading project, to create Kheops bead jewellery. Kheops parPuca beads are trianglular shaped two hole beads that can be stitched together to create striking geometric designs, like this windmill style components. These windmill components are beaded independently and can be combined together to create earrings, pendants, necklace or bracelets. You can even … Read more

Simple Art Clay Jewellery

This simple art clay jewellery project is ideal for beginners and is a great first step when you have bought our Art Clay Beginner Kit. Getting Started with Art Clay Work on a non-stick surface such as a spare bathroom tile, or a laminated sheet of paper to protect your working area. Whenever you work … Read more

Thread Wrapped Necklace

This thread wrapped necklace came from combining Steph’s love of textiles with traditional beading and embroidery techniques. The result is a lovely tactile necklace using embroidery thread and beads that’s sure to make a bold statement. Tools and Materials 1 x Large round quick link 2 x Medium quick link 2 x Embroidery threads 2g x Size 8 Czech … Read more

Floral Pinch Beaded Beads

These floral beaded beads use a variation of right angle weave. The pinch beads slot together neatly to form a floral effect with a small seed bead forming the centre. These beaded beads can then be used to create bracelets, earrings or a necklace pendant. New beads added in each step will be highlighted in … Read more

Miniduo Flower Bezel

The Miniduo Flower Bezel is a beadwoven design that can be easily turned into a necklace pendant or a brooch. Using Miniduo 2 hole beads, Czech seed beads and a Swarovski Rivoli, this a is a great intermediate bead-weaving project. The beaded bezel around the rivoli is created using right angle weave (RAW) and size … Read more

Daisy Chain Bracelet

Perfect for beginner beaders, this is a daisy chain bracelet with a difference. It uses 4mm Swarovski Xilion or Preciosa Bicone beads as the centre of the daisy which creates the great effect of the crystal beads being framed by seed beads. With the news about Swarovski it might just be the right time to … Read more

How to Brick Stitch Around a Link

This project will how you how to brick stitch around a link component to create a pair of earrings. What you will make: a pair of beaded earrings, using Swarovski beads. You will learn: how to use the bead-weaving technique of brick stitch around a Quicklink component or ring. Tools and Materials 2 x silver plated … Read more

How to make a Swarovski Briolette Bracelet

Make a super sparkly Swarovski Briolette Bracelet, complete with crimp covers for a neat finish. This bracelet measures 16.5cm. If you’d like to make a longer bracelet, you can add extra beads by repeating the pattern (each pattern repeat is 2cm) as many times as you require before finishing the end. Alternatively, you could use … Read more

Sparkle Tassel Jewellery Set

Sparkle Tassel Jewellery

Make this Sparkle Tassel jewellery set, which combines a beaded design with ready-made tassels!

What you will make: a necklace and earrings set using tassels and Swarovski beads.

You will learn: how to make a right angle weave beaded bead and how to turn this into functional jewellry.

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Swarovski Star Earrings

Learn how to make these pretty Swarovski Star Earrings with our step by step tutorial. A perfect beginner bead-weaving project.

You will make; a pair of beaded Swarovski and seed bead earrings.

You will learn; a simple bead-weaving technique to weave the beads together.

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Beaded Superduo Flowers

These Beaded Superduo Flowers are an ideal beginner bead-weaving project.

Difficulty: Beginner

What you will make: Beaded flowers that can that can be turned into earrings, necklace or bracelets.

You will learn: Simple bead-weaving techniques using two hole Superduos and seed beads to create a beaded flower design.

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How to Make Wire Birds Nest Jewellery

This cute Wire Birds Nest Jewellery tutorial shows you how to create wirework bird nests complete with spring coloured ‘egg’ beads that can be easily turned into jewellery. A perfect Easter jewellery DIY!

Difficulty: Beginner

What you will make: Small wire nests with beads that can be added onto a chain to create a necklace

What you will learn: Simple wire-wrapping techniques and how to incorporate beads.

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How to make Brick Stitch Hexagons

Brick stitch hexagons

Learn how to use the bead-weaving technique of brick stitch to create a hexagon shape with our step-by-step tutorial.

Difficulty: Beginner (some previous bead-weaving would be helpful)

What you will make: A hexagon shape made out of Delica beads using a beading technique called brick stitch.

You will learn: How to get started, increase, decrease and incorporate a small gap in a row, perfect for hanging your bead work. This pattern creates horizontal stripes which is much easier to understand for beginners. Once you have understood the technique you can go on to create lots of different patterns!

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