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Redeeming Vouchers

How to redeem your vouchers.

Please see below depending on the voucher type you wish to redeem!

To book your groupon workshop please follow the instructions below.

1) Select the number of places you wish to book on the workshop you would like to attend 2) Click to go to the checkout, on this page you will see your basket to confirm your purchase. Lower down under the basket on the right hand side is a PROMO CODE box.

In this box we need to enter the word ‘groupon’ if you are booking 1 place ‘groupon2’ if you are booking 2 places and have 2 vouchers ‘groupon3’ if you are booking 3 places and have 3 vouchers ‘groupon4’ if you are booking 4 places and have 3 vouchers ‘groupon5’ if you are booking 5 places and have 4 vouchers.

Once entered the shopping cart will deduct the price of your workshop(s).

The next page will ask you for your contact details.

On the final page we ask for you to put your Groupon Security code(s) that you have been sent in our comments box. We ask you to read our terms and conditions, please read this short list of conditions before clicking the tick box.

To finish the booking process please click one of the large payment logos. No money will be asked for unless you are buying more than the Groupon workshops

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