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0.2mm Gold Plated Wire – 10

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30 gauge copper core wire in gold plate.

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Our Gold Plated Wire has a 100% copper core that is certified nickel free before plating. Manufactured in Germany and spooled in the UK. All lengths stated are approximate.

The gold plated 0.2mm wire is a thin, flexible wire which isn’t strong enough to hold any weight on it’s own but is usually used for different wire wrapping projects.

You can use this diameter of wire for joining two pieces of wire together through several wraps or for embellishing jewellery with beads, ideal for using when attaching beads and pendants to hair combs, fascinators or tiaras. The flexibility and thinness of this diameter of wire makes it very easy to use and not at all hard work on your fingers!

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire.

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0.2mm Gold Plated Wire – 10
Regular Price £38.50 incl.VAT