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0.3mm Blue Coloured Craft Wire – 1


28 gauge blue coloured craft wire

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Our Blue Coloured Wire has a 100% copper core that is certified nickel free before plating. This wire has a flexibility that is very popular with wire knitters and for wire crochet.
0.3mm in diameter which equates to 28 gauge on the American wire gauge (AWG) scale. The spool holds approx. 15 metres.

This thickness of wire is still used for wire wrapping or holding two or more pieces together.

All lengths stated are approximate.

These gauges are approximate;

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire
0.3mm wire is 28 gauge wire
0.4mm wire is 26 gauge wire
0.6mm wire is 22 gauge wire
0.8mm wire is 20 gauge wire
1.0mm wire is 18 gauge wire
1.2mm wire is 16 gauge wire
1.5mm wire is 15 gauge wire

To download our wire gauge conversion chart pdf please right click the image and save target as..
To view the pdf just double click the image.

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