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0.3mm Emerald Coloured Wire – 1


28 gauge deep green craft wire.

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This emerald colour jewellery wire has a 100% copper core that is nickel free before plating. The emerald is a deep green colour and very popular when making bouquets and floral projects.

To achieve this deep, bold emerald colour the copper core wire is first silver plated. The colour is then applied to the bright base. So no matter how much you bend and twist this wire the colour will not flake off.

0.3mm wire is equal to 28 gauge. This is the wire you need if either of these measurements are given in a project. This reel of emerald coloured craft wire holds approx. 15 meters of wire.

Like the 0.2mm and 0.4mm diameters, this wire is also good for wire wrapping, joining pieces together and isn’t too much of a strain on your fingers!

We stock a range of colours in both 0.3mm (15 metres) and 0.6mm (10 metres).

These gauges are approximate;

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire
0.3mm wire is 28 gauge wire
0.4mm wire is 26 gauge wire
0.6mm wire is 22 gauge wire
0.8mm wire is 20 gauge wire
1.0mm wire is 18 gauge wire
1.2mm wire is 16 gauge wire
1.5mm wire is 15 gauge wire

To download our wire gauge conversion chart pdf please right click the image and save target as..
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