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0.4mm Gold Plated Wire

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26 gauge gold plated jewellery wire

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0.4mm gold plated wire is a thin wire but strong for crafting and making jewellery. Used predominately for wiring or wrapping components together without taking up too much space. This is a good diameter wire to use if you want to coil/wrap to be seen as part of the design. We used this diameter wire when making flowers on tiaras, as part of a design in our tiara making book. Twisting the 0.4mm wire with itself makes excellent stems for flowers for any floral designs.

This 0.4mm gold plated wire is very flexible and if bent repeatedly on the same point will snap but it does take some doing, it is easy on the fingers when working the wire. As with all wire it will become harder or stiffer as you handle it, this is called work hardening.

The core of the wire is 100% copper and is certified nickel free before plating.

You will find that there is 25 metres of wire on the reel. All lengths stated are approximate.
0.2mm wire also known as 26 gauge wire.

These gauges are approximate but if you are buying wire from outside of the UK then the diameter will be quoted in gauges;

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire
0.3mm wire is 28 gauge wire
0.4mm wire is 26 gauge wire
0.6mm wire is 22 gauge wire
0.8mm wire is 20 gauge wire
1.0mm wire is 18 gauge wire
1.2mm wire is 16 gauge wire
1.5mm wire is 15 gauge wire

Craft Wire gauge conversion chart

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0.4mm 26 gauge gold plated craft wire
0.4mm Gold Plated Wire
Regular Price £6.75 incl.VAT£48.95 incl.VAT