0.6mm Beading Thread White

White 0.6mm beading thread for knotted jewellery

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1m 0.30 BS04966 
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0.6mm Beading Thread White
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  • Description
Multi-purpose beading thread, ideal for all sorts of stringing projects. Made from woven nylon.

TIP: To prevent the end from fraying when you are threading beads, run the end of the thread through a small amount of super glue, wait for it to dry and then trim the end off at a slight angle, giving you a needle like end to help you thread on beads.

This is the beading thread used when making the knotted necklace that is part of our all day basic jewellery making workshop.

This thread can also be used when creating beaded Kumihimo braiding.

Diameter 22 ga, 0.6mm