100ft spool of Beadalon Beading Wire 7 Strands

Beadalon 7 strand beading wire is a multi-stranded cable that has a clear nylon coating perfect for use in stringing beaded necklace and bracelet projects. Along with its strength and flexibility, you will find that beadalon 7 beading wire is also kink and abrasion resistant.

As beadalon 7 beading wire is the more economical of all the beading wires on the market this tends to be the primary reason why beginners start with this thread. Beadalon produce beading wires made up with either 7, 19 or 49 strands and the diameters range from 0.013 of an inch or 0.33mm in metric up to 0.036 of an inch or 0.91mm. The range of diameters  gives the beader a real choice of wires to use depending on their project whether it's freshwater rice pearls up to chunky glass or semi-precious beads. Beadalon do claim that the 49 strand is knottable as the more wires making up the cable gives it greater flexibility. The 19 and 49 strand beading wires do look and feel nicer when used even though there aren't that many colours to choose from and this is where the 7 strand beading wire out does its counterparts!