13mm Swarovski Crystal Skull Bead - Metallic Blue 2x

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13mm Swarovski Crystal Skull Bead - Metallic Blue 2x
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  • Description
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have introduced crystal skull beads in to their range. The hole runs from the top of the head down through the centre of the skull and comes out behind the jaw at the base of the skull. This bead measures 13mm high and 10mm in width. The hole is approx. 1.7mm.

The dome of the skull has 36 facets defining the shape very accurately.

Due to the size of hole in the skulls you may need to use a ball headpin or a small bead on the bottom of a standard headpin when making these skulls into earrings or a pendants, to prevent the headpin going straight through the bead.

The second image shows an example of the beads being used to create a pair of earrings and also shows the lovely colour effect that appears on the side of the beads.

Material Crystal
Brand Swarovski
Colour Metallic Blue 2x
Size 13mm
Hole Size 1.5mm