0.25mm (30 gauge) Half Hard Sterling Silver Wire

30 gauge sterling silver wire for jewellery making

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59m 60.50 BS02100 
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0.25mm (30 gauge) Half Hard Sterling Silver Wire

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  • Description
Half Hard wire is pliable, and can be bent into any number of shapes. Unlike the Dead Soft wire, it will hold an intricate shape under tension. Heating the wire (called annealing) will effectively change the wire to dead soft, whereas hammering & bending the wire will work harden it.

Our Sterling Silver wire is available in 5 diameters from 0.25mm (30 gauge) to 1.0mm (18 gauge). Each diameter comes in Half Hard and Dead Soft, and holds 1oz (28g) of wire. Sterling Silver is priced by weight; therefore the length of wire on each spool will differ, 30 gauge has approximately 59 metres. Have a look at our range of wire for more ideas!

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Material Sterling Silver