3mm Swarovski Crystal Xilion Jet Beads

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1 0.10 BS05197 
100 6.95 BS05198 
1440 85.95 BS05199 

3mm Swarovski Crystal Xilion Jet Beads

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  • Description
3mm Swarovski crystal beads are popular for embroidery and beadweaving. The 3mm crystal beads can also be used as an alternative to table scatter crystals.

Swarovski is a global company and a name which is synonymous with quality. The xilion cut has 50% more facets which adds extra sparkle to this crystal. The hole in the xilion cut is smoother resulting in preventing less threads from snapping. The hole in these crystal beads is approximately 0.8mm in diameter.

The Xilion bead is the most popular bead that we sell. The Swarovski 3mm xilion bead replaces the 5301 Bicone bead which Swarovski have transformed into the new patented 5328 shape. The xilion cut is exactly the same shaped and size as the old bicone shape.

Jet is an opaque looking transparent black.

shape Xilion
Material Crystal
Brand Swarovski
Colour Black, Jet
Size 3mm mm
Hole Size 0.8mm mm