4mm AB2x XILION Crystal Beads

Swarovski bicone crystals have been upgraded to a new XILION cut. They are now known as XILION beads and boast 24 facets compared to the bicone's 16, so are much more sparkly! They are also slightly rounder at the centre so are more comfortable to wear. The XILION crystal beads can be used in conjunction with old bicone crystal beads as their shape and size remain the same, however we would not recommend using them in the same bead weaving patterns.

The revolutionary XILION cut, with its alternating large and small facets, results in distinctively higher brilliance and particularly intense light reflection. In addition, this cut is differentiated from all other products on the market and copyright protected. The increased number of facets enhances the overall appearance of the bead and the rounder belt line result in improved wearing comfort of the finished design. You will benefit from the unique XILION brilliance, leading to clearer differentiation between your products and designs and those of your competitors.