4mm Electric Blue Hematine

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1string 3.35 BS10183 

hematine or aka magnetic hematite
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Hematine (also magnetic hematite, hemalyke or hemalike) is a man made material used very widely in jewellery. Made from iron oxide it can be magnetised is the user so requires. As it is an artificial stone it can and often is coloured elaborately.

These coloured hematine are sold in 40cm lengths and the stones are 4mm in diameter. There are approx. 100 beads on a string, The electric blue is a vivid, almost iridescent blue/purple colour.

- Coloured Hematine
Diameter 4 mm
Hole Size Approx. 0.4 mm
No. per string (approx) 100 beads
Length 16 inches / 40 cm