5mm Swarovski 5000 Faceted Jet Beads *

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5mm Swarovski 5000 Faceted Jet Beads *
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  • Description
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5mm 5000 round faceted beads. These crystal beads have 25 hexagonal facets and are available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet (colours are available in the other sizes). The hole size is approximately 1mm. Also available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 8mm. We find the 5mm size is a very useful addition to the range as it spans the gap between the 4mm & 6mm beads which is sometimes too big for a project to work! To give an idea of the difference between the sizes please see the additional image showing all the sizes photographed together. Jet is an opaque looking transparent black.

Colour Jet
Hole Size 0.8 mm
Diameter 5 mm