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A Cats Life Peyote Pen Wrap Pattern

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Peyote stitch pen wrap pattern

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This A Cats Life Peyote Pen Wrap pattern is a great intermediate level peyote bead weaving project.

We pretty much all have a love of cats here at the bead shop, we have 6 cats amongst our small team so it was inevitable at least one of our pen wrap design would feature a feline theme.

This particular feline design has a few different elements running through it.  There is more to keep track of with different colours and shapes.  Just take the beading one row at a time and you will complete the design in no time. We know everyone learns in different ways, there’s no wrong or right way, just what works for you. Which is why we have provided several different options for created this pattern. There are written out, row by row, instructions. As well as 2 charts one with coded letters and one without. Which means you can find the way that works best for you.

How the pattern and design works is described in great detail, which is helpful for beginners. There is also the option to skip straight to the design more experienced beaders.

The pattern includes the colours used in the original design, however you can easily substitute them. Changing the colours in the design allows you to personalise your project, or allow you to use beads already in your stash. The weight of each bead colour required is included in the pattern. To help assess whether you have enough beads, or need to buy more there are approximately 200 beads in 1g of size 11 delica beads.

Beads required;
1g x Cat colour 1 – we used DB1518 matte opaque light smoke
1.5g x Cat colour 2 – we used DB310 matte black
0.7g x Cat colour 3 – we used DB301 metallic matte blue/grey
0.2g x Cats eyes – we used DB046 silver lined light green
0.2g x Cat nose details – we used DB355 matte rose
3.5g x  back ground colour – we used DB2130 opaque underwater blue

The pattern is available as an emailed PDF (with is an automatic download, so you’ll receive it as soon as you complete your order). There is also the option for us to print and post the pattern to you.

Along side your pattern and beads, you will also need a Pilot G-2 pen, these are available from independent stationers as well as high street stationers. A size 10 beading needle and beading thread. You will also need use of embroidery scissors. You may also find a bead mat,  bead stopper and possibly a needle threader useful too.

For further information about peyote stitch, we have a video here that you will find very useful.

This design is also available as a kit with instructions, beads, pen, beading mat, needle and thread.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2 mm
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A Cats Life Peyote Pen Wrap Pattern
A Cats Life Peyote Pen Wrap Pattern
Regular Price £6.50 incl.VAT£6.95 incl.VAT