Artistic Wire Deluxe Coiling Gizmo

Quickly and easily produce your own coiled beads.

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Artistic Wire Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
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  • Description
The Coiling Gizmo makes it really easy to create fine coils of wire which in turn allows you to create spectacular jewellery. This tool can be used with most diameters of wire - it just depends on the effect you are aiming for.

You will find 5 cranks in the box enabling you to create 5 diameters of coil.

There is an instruction manual included, which shows you how to set up the coiling gizmo and use it with methods of producing your own coiled beads and a clamp and U bracket which will save your wrist and fingers a lot of work!

Do not try to use this tool with hard wire such as memory wire - it will not coil and you'll probably hurt yourself!

- Contains 5 Crank Rods
- U bracket with built in mount.