Beadalon 19 Strand 9.2m (30ft) Bright

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1 9.95 BS00039 

Beadalon 19 Strand 9.2m (30ft)  Bright

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  • Description
The 19 Strand Beadalon beading wire is a very flexible made up from 19 very thin stainless steel strands to create a thin but strong beading wire. A little more expensive than the 7 strand beading wire but the 19 strand is a lot more flexible and stronger.

The 'bright' colour label is given to all of beadalon's basic colour beading wires, which although isn't bright is a very neutral silvery grey colour.

Made in the USA, the diameter of this wire is 0.018" or 0.46mm. This spool contains 30ft or 9.2m.

Style 19 Strand
Brand Beadalon
Colour Bright, Silver
Diameter 0.46mm
Length 30ft, 9.2m