Beadalon 7 Strand 9.2m (30ft) White 0.38mm

Beadalon 7 - 7 strand beading wire

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1 2.90 BS00017 

Beadalon 7 Strand 9.2m (30ft) White 0.38mm

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  • Description
White Beadalon 7 is one of the latest colours to be brought to the Beadalon range. A diameter of 0.45mm and 9.2mm on the spool, there is a lot of beading wire for your money.

This 7 strand beading wire is popular with wedding jewellery and as a 7 strand cable it is very strong, you will not be able to snap this thread with your hands, you would need to cut this beading wire with scissors. Cannot be knotted but must be secured with crimp beads or crimp tubes.

Style 7 Strand
Brand Beadalon
Colour White
Diameter 0.38mm
Length 30ft, 9.2m