Beadalon 7 Strand Beading Wire

Beadalon 7 strand beading wire is a multi-strand cable made up from 7 strands of very thin stainless steel wire. Coated with a clear nylon coating gives this beading wire a high kink resistence but it is still possible to kink this wire. Beadalon 7 cannot be knotted and you will need to use either crimp beads or crimp tubes to secure the clasps at the ends of necklaces or bracelets. Beadalon 7 strand beading wire is very flexible and is usually the first beading wire used by new jewellery makers because it is also the cheapest of the beadalon range of wires. Beadalon 7 is availble in several colours and diameters. We stock the diameter 0.015 inches or 0.38mm and in 30ft/9.2m or 100ft/91m length reels.