Beadalon Jewellery Making Wire

Beadalon beading wire is a multi-strand thread made up from either 7 strands, 19 strands or 49 strands of very fine stainless steel wire. These wires are twisted together to form a single strand beading wire which is covered with a clear nylon coating making this beading wire kink resistent. This wire can still be kinked but it does take quite a lot of effort. Whilst 7 strand beadalon is very flexible it cannot be knotted. 19 strand is even more flexible than the 7 strand but again cannot be knotted. The 49 strand is the most flexible of this range of beading wires and can be knotted.

The most secure way to finish off your jewellery creations when using Beadalon is to use the crimping technique. We have a selection of crimp beads and tubes, along with the relevant tools and pliers to give you the most professional finish. Feel free to download our 'How-To' leaflet for instructions on how to do this - available here.