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Bullseye ThinFire Kiln Shelf Paper 17 x 17cm

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Bullseye thinfire shelf paper is much easier and faster to use than kiln wash. The Bullseye thinfire paper provides a quick and efficient way to lay your kiln shelf without waiting for kiln wash to dry. We find that the thinfire shelf paper gives you the smoothest finish on the bottom of kiln-fired projects. The drawbacks? One drawback to using the paper over kiln wash and that is the kiln paper is good for one use only.

Once fired and cooled you will need to vacuum residual dust from your fired pieces and the shelf. Wear a mask as this paper turns into very fine powder (that is hazardous to lungs if you breath in large amounts of it!).

We get 9 kiln shelves out of one piece for the SC2 kiln shelves, which are approx. 17 x 17cm. We also have a cheaper option for kiln paper. It’s the same paper, same size but we fold it instead of rolling it and sending it a tube, which makes it cheaper to post! The folded option is here. If you prefer we also sell this paper in 17cm x 17cm sheets.

If you do have any questions on using this paper or firing glass we are happy to help!

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