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Czech Glass Cube Bead Mix

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The Czech Glass Cube Bead Mix is a combination of lots of different sizes and colours of cubes. With beads varying in size from 4mm up to 10mm, although each batch varies. The bead mix includes a variety of styles including opaque, matte and transparent beads.

The Czech Glass cube bead mix comes in a great amount of colours too. There are bright yellow, white, pale green, blue, transparent red, orange, purple, pink, grey and much more. As it is a random mix of sizes, colours and effects we cannot hand pick out certain beads, Sorry! The hole size in even the smallest beads is at last 0.7mm so you will be able to mix and match these beads together to make jewellery. They’re great for all sorts of crafts too and perfect for some school holiday fun. You could also make decorations or embellishments. We have a handy how to guide which covers lots of basic techniques, which you can view here. As well as a useful video showing how make a bracelet on our YouTube channel here.

These beads are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Preciosa.  Preciosa are the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world.

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Czech Glass Cube Bead Mix
Czech Glass Cube Bead Mix
Regular Price £3.25 incl.VAT£11.95 incl.VAT