Czech Glass Pearl Mix Bronze-Copper

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100g 5.75 BS160377 
500g 19.75 BS160378 

Czech Glass Pearl Mix Bronze-Copper
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NB: This mix colour has changed slightly - it has light brown, bronze and coppery colours in, the new photo shows the shade range.

These stunning new Czech Glass Pearl Mixes feature a range of round beads from 4mm - 15mm. All beads are lovely shades of creamy pink and bronze. Ideal for beautiful complementary jewellery, just like the bracelet pictured in the second photograph above.
Glass is probably one of the oldest mediums used to make beads, and Czech glass manufacturing is one of the biggest producers of glass beads in the world. Glass beads are far more permanent than plastic beads and have superior shine and finish. With washing and wearing the colour may fade as it is a surface coating.

shape Round
Material Glass
Brand Preciosa
Colour Assorted
Size Assorted