Discounts and Offers at The Bead Shop (Nottingham) Limited (

Online Customers

Spend £40 = Free 1st Class UK shipping

Spend £100 = 10% Discount* & Free Next Day Shipping (UK mainland)

Spend £300 Jan 2013 - Jan 2014 = an A-list customer

Shop Customers

Every £5 spend = 1 loyalty point*

Collect 20 points = £10 spend on anything!

Spend £300 Jan 2013 - Jan 2014 = an A-list customer


New Discount
Spend £300 or more in a calender year and receive 15% off all orders for the rest of the year and the following year.

As soon as you reach £300 spend this year you will automatically receive 15% off online orders this will carry forward into 2014, if however your spend dips below this level in 2014 you will reset to our normal prices for 2015. This special A customer discount is instead of the 10% off over £100 or loyalty points in the shop.


If you are an online customer and

1) your order is over £40 on products*, after all discounts and offers have been applied but not including postage, we will give you free 24 (formally known as 1st Class) UK shipping. You can still upgrade your shipping to next day for a small amount.

2) your order is over £100 on products*, again after all offers have been applied but not including postage, will will give you 10% off of your order and if your order is still over £100 then we will give you FREE next day shipping.


Q) How to I become an A-list customer?
A) You have to spend £300 overall in one year (January 2013 to January 2014) to become an A-list customer. Once you have spent £300 all products, with a very small exception, will be 15% cheaper than our listed prices.

Q ) Will the discount be automatically calculated or do I have to add a code?
A) Once you have logged in to your account the website will calculate whether you have spent the qualifying amount and then subtract the discount from every product* in your basket.

Q) How do I find out how much I've spent this year?
A) When you login to your account your current spend for this year and last year will show at the top of the page on the right hand side.

Q) I don’t really shop online how does it work in your shop?
A) If you register as a customer in the shop our till system will keep track of your spend during the year. All you have to do is quote a customer number (which you will be given) before paying and we'll apply the discount if you qualify.

Q) What if I shop online & in the shop – can all my purchases be combined?
A) We are happy to combine online and shop purchases for the purpose of achieving A-list customer status. Just quote your online customer number in the shop or your shop customer number on you order.

Q) What if I spend £300 this year but not next year, will I still get 15% discount?
A) If you spend £300 this year your 15% discount will continue to the end of the following year. If you do not spend £300 within the following year then you will lose the A-list status at the end of that year.

Q) If I am an A-list customer do I still get free shipping and 10% off over the other listed offers?
A) A-list customers will still get the free shipping as described above but the 15% discount will be applied to any value order, whether it is under or over £100 and will override the current 10% discount that we offer. It cannot be combined.

Q) If I purchase in your retail shop and I am an A-list customer do I still get loyalty points?
A) No unfortunately not. The A-list status gives you 15% off and overrides the loyalty point scheme in the retail shop.

Q) What happens if I use the guest checkout?
A) If you use the guest checkout we are unable to link it to your account and the total of that order will not be added to your current spend. If you use the guest checkout and you are an A-list customer the discount will not be applied to your order and cannot be back dated. Please sign in to your account!


*Excludes Kilns, Books & Magazines, Workshops and SALE! items.These are not included in the total.


Please note The Bead Shop can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these Terms and Conditions, or any individual account, at any time.