Efco Enamel Colour Set

10 different colour enamelling powders

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1 18.75 BS11536 

Efco Enamel Colour Set
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  • Description
The Efco colour set is a great way to start enamelling your own jewellery. The enamel powder melts and sets at 150C which can be used in your oven at home or with the easy to use Efco stove.

This set comes with 10 colour powders and 2 sieve lids, 3 copper blanks to get you started and some jump rings so once cooled you can use them straight away!

The set contains 1 10ml pot of each of the following colours;
bright pink, black, white, grass-green, yellow, light blue, brown, orange, dark blue and red.

- 10 x 10ml Colour Enamelling Powders
- 3 Copper Blanks and Jump Rings
Colour 1 x 10ml pot of each of, bright pink, light blue, yellow, grass-green, white, brown, orange, dark blue, red and black.