Efcolor Stove Set for Enamelling

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Efcolor Stove Set for Enamelling
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  • Description
The Efco Stove Set for 'cold enamelling' is a complete set designed so you can enamel your own copper blanks with the Efco colour powders and effect powders (Glitter).

The stove set includes the stove, which holds 3 t-lights (which are also supplied to get you going and last for ages!), tweezers, a spatula and firing stand with handle and a couple of different blank holders.

There is a basic set of colour instructions in a booklet that covers 4 languages and gives you a project to do with your new stove set!

The only other things you need are some copper blanks and powders, sold separately.

- Basic Tools - Tweezers, Spatula and Firing stand
- 3 T-lights
- Basic Starting Instructions