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Fimo Soft Vanilla Polymer Clay 57g

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Fimo Vanilla soft Polymer Clay is a modelling clay perfect for beginners. As the name suggests it is soft and malleable making it easy to shape. Ideal for small models and jewellery items. The clay is baked in a standard oven to harden making it a really accessible craft.

To oven harden, set your oven to 110°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper or foil. Place your clay on the tray and harder in the oven for 30 minutes. The clay is fully hardened once cool. Be careful when removing from the oven, pieces can retain heat longer than you might think.

The soft clay comes in a standard range of 24 colours. The individual blocks weigh 57g, which can go a long way. If the exact shade you want is not available in the 24 colours, you can mix your own colours. We also stock the Fimo effect clay range as well as the Professional Fimo range. All 3 ranges are compatible so can be mixed together.

The Fimo Vanilla soft Polymer Clay is a great odd white shade with yellow tones.

We teach a great introduction to Polymer Clay Techniques workshop. Which is perfect for getting into making polymer clay jewellery.

If you’re not local to us here in Nottingham, we have a great video too. This tutorial demonstrating how you can make a simple polymer clay colour blend at home with minimal tools.

You can also view this and other video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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Weight 60 g

Fimo Soft Polymer Clay - Vanilla
Fimo Soft Vanilla Polymer Clay 57g
Regular Price £3.00 incl.VAT