Fine Pro Econoflex Soft Flex Steel Grey

49 Strand Beading and Craft Wire

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1 7.25 BS11710 
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Fine Pro Econoflex Soft Flex Steel Grey
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  • Description
This is the Pro Enconoflex beading wire from Soft Flex. This is the steel grey colour 49 strand beading wire and the diameter is 0.019 inches or 0.36mm. This is the fine beading wire and is known as an all purpose thread. Recommended for glass beads, seed beads and Metal beads with small holes. This thread has been tested to 21lbs (9.5Kg) breaking strain which means it will take a lot of beads, probably more than you would sensibly want to hang around your neck.

As this econoflex is a 49 strand beading wire it is very flexible and Soft Flex do say that this thread can be knotted.

- 49 Strands
Style 49 Strand
Colour Grey
Diameter 0.014, 0.35 mm
Length 15ft, 4.5m