Flat Necklace Memory Wire 0.35oz Silver Plated

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1 3.35 BS03834 
3 7.50 BS03835 

flat necklace memory wire
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  • Description
Memory Wire is a very strong, very hard wire which always returns to its original shape when pulled out of shape. Memory Wire will expand to fit most sizes, the sizes we stock should easily fit you.

Please note that the memory wire diameter (thickness) is approx. 1.2mm x 0.5mm.
Necklace memory Wire is a 1/3oz (9.9g) pack contains approximately 7 coils. As memory wire is very strong and very hard, it can sometimes damage your normal jewellery cutters. If you are cutting a lot of Memory Wire (or any other tough wire for that matter) then Memory Wire Cutters are definitely worth having. Take a look!

Brand Beadalon
Colour Silver
Diameter 1.2 x 0.5mm
Plating Silver Plated