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Gedeo Crystal Resin – Clear 750ml

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This is a high quality resin and is the preferred choice of our Resin expert. It is mixed 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener.

This is a crystal clear, very hard, epoxy resin. It can be used for mouldings, inlays, coatings or laminates and can be used as a varnish. It can be mixed with colourants or Pearl-ex Pigments to add a variety of colours. It is ideal for embedding dried flowers. It’s perfect for making small jewellery items such as brooches or earrings or for larger deeper castings. It is fully dry within 24 hours.

Contents: 500ml Crystal Resin, 250ml Crystal hardener, protective gloves, 2 measures, 2 mixers, user guide.

If you are unsure about whether to get into resin jewellery or if you feel that it is too complicated then why don’t you consider attending a workshop? We run a resin jewellery workshop here at our retail shop in the heart of Nottingham city centre.

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Gedeo Crystal Resin – Clear 750ml
Regular Price £44.95 incl.VAT